Leela's Kitchen handcrafted Special Gift Pack deal - FREE SHIPPING TO U.K

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The New gift pack from Leela's Kitchen - complete set of Eight freshly ground including my four great taste award winning Malabar bold Black peppercorns, Turmeric, Mild curry powder and Vindaloo curry powder along with Black mustard seeds, Coriander powder, Garam masala & Chilli powder in a beautifully presented jute bag, making it a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

(You also have the option to add my Peri Peri spice mix instead of Mild curry or Vindaloo making it a total of eight in a pack - just mention this on your order)

My hand crafted premium range of spices is freshly ground and shipped straight away, locking in all the fresh flavours of the spice.

From our family to yours!

Note: To all residents on our beautiful Isle of Man, please select country as"U.K" on your shipping address rather than Isle of Man for free shipping.