Peri Peri Spice (50g)

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Great taste award (2018 - ūüĆü) winning Peri Peri is one of my personal favourite,¬†now comes in new biodegradable pots with labels designed by¬†Julia Ashby Smyth¬†showcasing some of the endangered species. We¬†Indians are not new to this gorgeous spice blend which was introduced into Goa by the Portuguese colonists who bought it from Mozambique & Angola. This is my version of this classic spice, but I've always found them mild here on our isle, so I decided to come up with a unique blend of Garlic, Sea Salt, Chilli, Onion, Basil & Cayenne Pepper to enrich your taste buds whilst giving your dishes a spicy kick!

Why not try:

Add peri peri spice to olive oil or your preferred oil, and drizzle on the top of chicken prior to cooking, this hot, fiery blend of spices can also be used in a variety of ways, but a little goes a long way, so use sparingly, used as a dry rub or wet marinade it adds flavour to poultry, fish, meat and vegetables. Sprinkle it lightly over freshly popped corn to make a tasty spicy savoury snack, or sprinkle over potato wedges or home-made chips. Add to minced chicken, turkey or pork with a little chopped onion to make your own spicy piri piri burgers. Mix into salad dressings or yogurt to make marinades, dips or toppings for baked potatoes and salads, why not sprinkle on to fish and roasts before grilling or baking. Grinding the spice mix to a fine powder makes them hotter, you know what to do! ;)