Ma Kali Hot chilli sauce

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The Goddess, Ma Kali, designed by local artist Julia Ashby Smyth is a symbol of Mother Nature herself – primordial, creative, nurturing and devouring in turn, but ultimately loving and benevolent and my new sauce is all of these.

The Dark Mother in all her love and ferocity will guide you through transformation by dissolving all forms and time. She’s the darkness most of us fear. She is fierce. She is loving. She will transform you.

So say hello to Ma Kali hot chilli sauce from Leela’s kitchen, a super hot, yet tasty sauce made with Cider Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Lime juice, water, Bhut Jolokia chilli, Trinidad 7 Pod chilli, Fatalii chilli, Jack Daniels Bourbon whiskey & salt.

From my family to yours!