Monsoon Malabar coffee beans (200g) - Arabica 100%

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Leela's kitchen Monsoon Malabar coffee beans - winner of Great taste awards 2022 - all the way from the Canara region in the Malabar coast. The origins of the Monsoon Malabar coffee dates back to the era of the British Raj, where wooden vessels carried raw coffee from India to Europe. Monsoon Malabar, is a process applied to coffee beans. The harvested coffee beans are kissed by the monsoon rain and winds, causing the beans to swell and loose the original acidity, resulting in a flavour profile with a practically neutral pH balance. This is a certified speciality coffee of India. 

Brewing instructions: A strong shot of this rich, dark coffee is best enjoyed in recipes like espresso and can be served as a latte too. Fancy a Mocha? Monsoon malabar coffee beans pairs very well with chocolate and makes an awesome hot drink. (I wouldn't recommend this coffee to make cold drinks) When brewing the coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water, wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don't scald the grinds.