Onion Bhaji Mix - 225g

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Leela's kitchen Onion bhaji mix - WINNER of the U.K Quality Food Awards 2016 now comes in NEW compostable packaging with labels designed by my very talented friend Dhruva Paknikar from India. This recipe has been in our family for 5 generations and I remember my mum making the bhaji's, and myself and my sister's used to enjoy enjoy eating the freshly made bhaji's after we got home from school. I decided to launch our bhajis mix after receiving very good feedback from my clients.

Onion Bhaji, is a favourite Indian snack, and was probably my first introduction to the joys of Indian food, usually served with a hot cup of chai. The word "bhaji" means fritter - in fact, they're just one small part of the wider pakora family, which encompasses all manner of fabulous veg/meat etc fried in chickpea batter, but in the Isle of Man/ U.K, the pungent onion variety rules supreme.

You are buying a product that has been tried and tested many time.

Cooking tips:-

Very very very important: The temperature of the oil, too hot and your bhaji's will fry quickly on the outside and will be raw on the inside, too cold - they will be oily and too soft. Make sure your oil is on a medium heat and always do my mom's sizzle testing method - she used to drop a medium size drop of batter into the hot oil, and if it sizzles up to the top you are ready to go!

Hope you will all enjoy my onion bhaji's - a perfect family snack. If you've any queries, please feel free to contact me.

From my family to yours!! Enjoy :)