Chai-licious - Masala Chai tea (75g)

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Dear chai lover

After three long years of researching and experimenting and sending samples back and forth from India, we bring you Chai-licious - Masala Chai tea, winner of Great taste awards 2023 ⭐,(Shortlisted for the prestigious U.K Quality food awards 2018), an authentic recipe which has been cherished in India for decades. This small batch, signature blend, is a combination of 100% single estate Assam tea leaves (this took the majority of our time, sourcing the right Assam tea) blended with exotic and fresh Indian spices including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves (from the Nilgiri mountains in the Western ghats) and our Great taste award winning Malabar bold Black peppercorns, giving this tea a strong and full bodied character, with a slightly malty flavour with exotic flavour of fresh spices.

Our tea is blended and packed at source in India to ensure every cup is as fresh as it can be. Chai-licious come in two options: with tea strainer (£10.99) and without tea strainer (£8.55)


How to brew your Chai-licious:
Add 1tsp tea into the infuser and place it into your favorite mug. Add boiling water, brew for 3-5 minutes (longer if you like your tea strong). Add a dash of milk, sugar/honey/sweetner to taste or you can serve this chai straight.


Tea type: Chai tea
Grade: CTC BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)
Caffeine: High
Flush/season: Second/Summer
Specialty: Signature Blend