Garam Masala (50g)

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SOLD OUT!! Our fragrant garam masala blend is my nana Leela's recipe, contains some of the finest spices ready ground and blended for your convenience for adding to curries, soups, and meat and vegetable dishes. It is a fragrant, warming aromatic blend of ground coriander, cumin, ginger, cassia, black pepper and cloves that can add delicious layers of flavour to your cooking. Coriander adds a touch of spiced lemon, ginger adds warmth and pungency, whilst cassia adds a touch of sweetness, cumin and cloves add bitterness and pungency on two taste levels, cumin offers the savoury whilst cloves offer the sweet all finely topped off with black pepper which adds gentle heat to the blend.

My premium range of Garam masala is freshly ground, locking in all the fresh flavours of the spice.

From my family to yours!